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Kansas City Singer's Second Album Reveals One Benefit Of Turning 30

Kansas City songwriter Amanda Fish has just proclaimed herself " Free ." That's the title song on her newly released sophomore album, after 2015's " Down in the Dirt ." The record reflects Fish's literal and philosophical growth. The older sister of another Kansas City singer, Samantha Fish (who has a few more records to her credit), Amanda started playing music at 18 but set that aside to earn a living. By age 25, she was working as a security guard and unhappy, so she quit to go into music full time.

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When floodwaters from Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina's Lumberton area, some families were unable – or unwilling – to take their pets with them when they evacuated.

The flooding hit rapidly, the Asheville Citizen Times reported, when temporary levees failed and sent water gushing into the surrounding area.

Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her more than 30 years ago, will testify Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Attorneys for Blasey Ford reached an agreement with committee staff on Sunday after days of negotiations over the conditions and details of her appearance. The terms of their agreement provide that Kavanaugh will also appear before the committee but he will not be in the room while Ford is speaking or being questioned.

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Julie Monroe is accustomed to seeing deer around her Kirkwood neighborhood, but not this many.

On a recent evening, Monroe and her son counted 17 deer on the drive home from Manchester.

“It was dark outside, so we don’t know how many were beyond our vision,” she said.

All four major political ratings organizations currently consider the race for Kansas' 3rd Congressional District a toss-up.

FiveThirtyEight moved the race Saturday from "leans Republican" to a "toss-up" between incumbent Republican Kevin Yoder and Democrat Sharice Davids.

It comes on the heels of two pieces of good news for Davids, a lawyer who is making her first run for office, though she still lags behind Yoder, the incumbent, in fundraising.

On Friday, a Jackson County judge sentenced the woman convicted of starting a deadly fire at her own nail salon to 74 years in prison.

Firefighters, law enforcement officials and family of the two firefighters killed in the fire — John Mesh and Larry Leggio — packed the courtroom and an overflow room. 

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Laurie Hines and Ted Glasgow have been together for many years. Ted is an accomplished bodybuilder - a six-time Mr. Missouri – but a few years ago he experienced kidney failure.

Ted was on dialysis for several years, but now Laurie is a living kidney donor and the director of the Missouri Kidney Program, and Ted is two and a half years post-transplant.

They reflect on their experiences and give some advice for others facing dialysis and organ transplants.

Missouri Health Talks gathers Missourians’ stories of access to healthcare in their own words. You can view more conversations at

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Mark Kirchhoff is the homeless youth program coordinator for Rainbow House in Columbia, and Kelsey Louder is the former shelter director.

They spoke about the misconceptions others may have about what homelessness in a youth population looks like.

Missouri Health Talks gathers Missourians’ stories of access to healthcare in their own words. You can view more conversations at

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Algae Temporarily Shuts Stephens Lake

Sep 21, 2018
Algae tanks
File Photo / KBIA

A popular Columbia lake is closed while state officials test the water quality. 

Potentially dangerous levels of blue-green algae are growing in Stephens Lake.

Signs are posted warning residents to stay out of the water as a precaution. The algae has not been tested yet in the lake.

Humans could experience skin and eye irritation, the Department of Health and Senior Services said.

“It is one of the few algae that are toxic to both animals and humans- and more so to animals like dogs,” Columbia Parks and Recreation director Mike Griggs said. 

Missouri Redistricting Office

JEFFERSON CITY — A Missouri appeals court panel cleared the way Friday for voters to decide a November ballot initiative that could shake up of the state Legislature by requiring districts to be drawn to achieve "partisan fairness" and imposing new lobbying limits.

The ruling overturned a decision issued a week ago by a state judge who said the so-called Clean Missouri initiative violated the state constitution by addressing multiple topics.