Barbed Mouth Parts and Blood Meals - A Conversation on Ticks

Jun 12, 2017

This photograph depicts a dorsal view of an engorged female "lone star tick", Amblyomma americanum. Note a number of round, amber-colored eggs showing from beneath the head region, which were just laid by this female. An engorged female of this species can lay approximately 2000-2500 eggs.
Credit James Gathany / CDC

Ticks. If you spend much time outdoors in Missouri you've likely come across more than one of these little arthropods.

KBIA's Kara Tabor talked with entomologist and University of Missouri Assistant Professor Richard Houseman to learn more about the ticks we encounter in central Missouri, bacteria they may carry and how ticks attach to people and our furry friends. 

More information on ticks and tick-borne diseases from the CDC.