Blue Note, Mojo's sold to Wisconsin group

Jul 10, 2014

Credit mzuriana / Flickr

After 34 years of owning and operating two of Columbia's major entertainment venues, Richard King announced Wednesday he is selling The Blue Note and Mojo's to Majestic Live LLC of  Madison, Wisconsin.

King says Matt Gerding and Scott Leslie, owners of Majestic Live, are very qualified to be in this business. Both men are active in the music and entertainment scene and own one of Madison's premier live performance venues.

"They have the same sort of ideas that I have, the difference is they are 30 years younger. So they're ready for this and I'm excited for them. I think they're going to make the transition pretty smooth and I don't think that the Blue Note is going to skip a beat,” King said.

Gerding is a Columbia native and University of Missouri Alumnus. King says he has mixed emotions about stepping aside, but says it is time. King says he has no desire to leave Columbia and can't wait to spend more time developing the Roots and Blues and B-B-Q Festival.