City of Columbia Continues to Promote Medical Tourism

Oct 3, 2017

The Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau says it will continue to work toward making Columbia a top healthcare destination, even after the Mayor’s Task Force on Medical Tourism was dissolved in July. Amy Schneider, The Director of the CVB, told City Council at its meeting Monday night that it will continue to engage and promote health care services, and will utilize the work of the task force. Columbia Mayor Brian Treece says the CVB has some good ideas to work with

“In these 25-county areas around Boone County there are 14,000 patients that come here for their primary diagnosis, but then go somewhere else for that care. If we could keep just a quarter of them here, that would be great for our hoteliers, our professionals,” Treece says.

Schneider says the CVB is requesting approval from the city finance department to solicit some proposals for things like a web portal and a marketing study.

Columbia Second Ward Councilmemeber Michael Trapp say the city needs to invest in its advantages of affordability, education and medical insurance. He says the coordinated efforts between the hospitality industry and the medical professions could help Columbia improve its position as a primary medical provider and destination.