College of the Ozarks Institutes New Required Freshmen Patriotism Class

Oct 25, 2017

The College of the Ozarks has instituted a new required course on patriotism for all freshmen.

The class, Patriotic Education and Fitness, was launched this year and combines civics and ROTC curriculum, says Bryan Cizek , the director of patriotic activities at College of the Ozarks.

Cizek, who teaches the course, says the college has a history of teaching civics and military science. This class adds a fitness component and teaches skills like rappelling.

Cizek says the class’s goal is to make students think about their country.

“What is our civic responsibility? And we view that as really trying to be informed on issues being informed on our leader and really being informed and gaining a deeper respect for the military,” Cizek says. 

Cizek says this semester the class has 280 students, and the rest of the freshmen will take the class in the spring.