Columbia City Council Unanimously Approves Resolution to Support Standing Rock

Sep 20, 2017

Columbia has joined a long list of cities around the country that are supporting Standing Rock Souix Tribe. City Council voted unanimously at Monday’s meeting to approve a resolution expressing support for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Credit Meiying Wu / KBIA

Carolyn Mathews, member of the Native American Support Group, said at the meeting that because of Columbia’s geographical location this resolution is especially important for the city to adopt.

“We’re not just expressing support for Standing Rock,” Mathews said. “We’re expressing support for all those that live along the Missouri River, or in Missouri and are affected by if anything were to happen to the Missouri River.”

Ward 3 Council Member Karl Skala said the council voted in favor of this resolution because the issue concerns Columbia’s water resources.

“This primarily is making a statement to suggest that this issue about Standing rock and those battles, jurisdictional battles and legal battles, may affect our water resources. And we’re very concerned about that kind of thing.”

Mayor Brian Treece said the resolution doesn’t bind the council into any action or appropriation of money.