Columbia Community Members Gather for Local Women's March

Jan 23, 2017

According to some estimates, at least 3,000 people showed up in Columbia's Courthouse Plaza to march through downtown Columbia Saturday as a part of the national Women's March movement. Many marchers wore pink and carried signs calling for women’s rights, keeping the affordable care act, the recognition of climate change and the ousting of President Trump.

27-year-old Liz Simmons said she hopes people start to think about how they can implement change.

"I am marching because I don't agree with what's happening," Simmons said. "I am marching for all the strong, fierce women in my family who couldn't be here today. I am marching today to say things have to change and they're only going to change if we do something about it."

Some hecklers taunted marchers from the rooftop bar at Harpo's but confrontations were minimal. The march was sponsored by 24 organizations. It was originally scheduled to end at Stephens College, but organizers changed the destination to the Courthouse Plaza to accommodate the larger than expected participation numbers.