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Deadline for State's Compliance with Federal Real ID Act Approaching

Sep 11, 2018

Missouri’s deadline to be compliant with the federal Real ID Act is a month from today—but the Missouri Department of Revenue says it is not ready.

Congress passed the Real ID Act in 2005. Missouri was granted an extension last year after the Missouri General Assembly lifted its ban keeping the state from complying. Opponents had privacy concerns.

The department is asking for another extension through March 2019.

KMBC reports the Missouri Department of Revenue is confident they will get the extension and expects to be compliant by March 2019.

If Missouri isn’t granted another extension, Missourians won’t be able to use their driver’s license to board airplanes or enter certain government buildings.

Spokesperson for the aviation department at Kansas City International Airport Joe McBride said it doesn’t mean Missouri flyers are in trouble.

“There are ways right now where if you don’t have your driver license or id there are ways the screeners can interview you and get information using other forms of IDs and to vet you- it just takes time,” McBride said.

Kansas City International Airport does not expect flyers to be denied boarding access- just delays in the checkpoints.

“It sure could cause some delays at the checkpoint for folks as they and other people might need to be vetted before getting on their flights,” McBride said.

Missourians can avoid those delays by using a passport or a military ID.