Deatons host Patriot Day barbecue on the quad

Sep 12, 2012

This year in honor of Patriot Day, Chancellor Brady Deaton and Dr. Anne Deaton hosted a barbecue on the quad.

MU Senior Matthew Beckum is in MU’s ROTC program and says they appreciate the Chancellor honoring the university’s veterans.

“We’re here to show our support, to let our presence be known and to congratulate and thank all the veterans that are here attending with us.” Beckum says.

Beckum says he and his classmates graduating this year are looking forward to starting their service.

“We came here as freshmen with an idea in our head that we were going to do this for four years then graduate and do something better," Beckum says " It’s pretty awesome to see coming from day one all the way to here that we’re about to do what we’ve always been wanting to do.”

The MU Veterans Center offers financial assistance, tutoring and a range of other services for veterans.