Field Notes: Senate to consider the Farm Bill as wheat prices dip

Jan 31, 2014

Should the Agricultural Act of 2014 become law, direct payments would end and the crop insurance program would become the bedrock of the U.S. farm safety net.
Credit wobble-san/Flickr

This is the latest installment of Harvest Public Media’s Field Notes, in which we talk about important issues related to food production.

As you may have already heard on KBIA, the U.S. House has passed the Agriculture Act of 2014, known to most of us as a new farm bill. The Senate is expected to take it up soon. Add President Obama’s signature shortly thereafter, and a new set of farm and nutrition policies for the next five years will finally be law. As Amy Mayer reports though, amid the relief that a new farm bill is finally coming, there’s still some uncertainty and even some disappointment.

Also in this week's Field Notes, we take a look at wheat prices. A new US Department of Agriculture report is predicting that prices for this grain are on the decline, in part due to a global wheat bumper crop this year. Luke Runyon has that story.