Former Sen. Kit Bond sponsors alternative energy lecture series

Nov 15, 2012

Thursday the University of Missouri hosted a lecture series, sponsored by former US senator, Kit Bond. The lectures covered topics about alternative forms of energy, and the impact current energy resources have on the economy and environment.

Sustainable Energy Facilitator for Mizzou Advantage, Cerry Klein believes a forum like this is beneficial to the whole community.

"Well anytime you’re dealing with the complex socioeconomic problems that we have today, I think you need a very broad group of people, and the only opportunity you have to really bring those people together is a lecture like this, where we get government officials with industry people, with university people, so they can really find out what each other’s doing and hopefully make the connections and establish the networks that can be used to solve the problems," said Klein.

Klein, along with four other speakers discussed issues dealing with coal energy, the current state of energy in Missouri and the coping strategies for these problems.