Frustrated Missouri Democrats Delay Senate

Mar 10, 2016

The Missouri State Capitol Building
Credit Ryan Famuliner / KBIA

Democrats are slowing down work in the Missouri Senate after Republicans broke up a 37-hour filibuster. 

The Missouri senate continues to debate over a proposed amendment to the state constitution granting greater religious protections to individuals, organizations and some business owners who object to same-sex marriage.

Democrats' rebellion Thursday comes after Republicans the day before used a rare procedural move to end a Democratic filibuster. Democrats were trying to block a proposal creating religious protections for those objecting to gay marriage.

The measure would prohibit government penalties against those who cite religious beliefs while declining to provide wedding-related services to same-sex couples. The religious protections would apply to clergy, religious organizations and some businesses such as florists and photographers.

The proposed constitutional amendment received initial approval Wednesday after a forced vote and is up for a final Senate vote.