Future of UM System presidential mansion in doubt

Apr 26, 2012

A recent inspection found that the University of Missouri System President's house needs approximately $88,000 dollars worth of restoration.

According to UM System Vice President of Finance and Administration Nikki Krawitz mold and asbestos were uncovered in the Providence Point mansion and it will need a lot of work to restore.

“Ultimately replacing the roof, replacing exterior sighting on windows and doors, upgrading the kitchen for institutional use, replacing the flooring in the private quarter, doing exterior lighting, a whole set of those things, buying furniture. It could be several hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Krawitz said.

UM System President Tim Wolfe and his family will stay in temporary housing for now. According to a press release the cost of the repairs will be covered by grant funds or earnings from investment income, not tuition revenue or state appropriations. According to UM Board of Curators Chair David Bradley the fate of Providence Point has yet to be decided. The options are either to completely restore the mansion for living purposes or conduct a limited restoration and use the building as a place for official events only.