Global Journalist: 'Combat Obscura' Gives Unfiltered Look at Afghan War

May 24, 2018

A still from the documentary "Combat Obscura," by Miles Lagoze.

U.S. Marine Corps cameraman Miles Lagoze came home from Afghanistan with hours of footage of the conflict that the Pentagon would prefer the public doesn't see. 

In a new documentary that premiered at the True/False Film Festival, Lagoze strings together video taken by himself and other Marine videographers to present an unvarnished view of life for the troops. From Marines smoking hash to cursing over the body of a civilian they've mistakenly shot, Lagoze gives an unsettling portrait of America's longest-running war in its history. 

On this special edition of Global Journalist, guest host Joshua Kranzberg interviews Lagoze about the war in Afghanistan and how life for soldiers there differs from public perceptions in the U.S. 

Producer: Edom Kassaye

Visual Editor: Jiwon Choi