Greitens Meets Pushback on Missouri Foster Care Spending

Jul 31, 2017

Credit File Photo / KBIA

Some Missouri lawmakers are questioning Gov. Eric Greitens' plan to spend more money than the Legislature approved for foster care families.

Republican House Budget Committee Chairman Scott Fitzpatrick said the GOP governor's effort to increase the spending infringes on lawmakers' authority to decide how state dollars are spent.

Greitens in June approved a budget calling for a 1.5 percent reduction in the rates for state-funded health and welfare providers, including foster care families. Greitens last week said that was a mistake and promised not to cut funding for foster families.

Greitens' administration has said there's enough money to maintain the pay to foster care families because of savings from another foster care service.

But Fitzpatrick says it's a separation of powers issue and the governor can't increase spending without legislative approval.