Hannibal smoking ban sparks debate

Apr 5, 2012

A new smoking ban was passed in Hannibal after much debate between both city officials and community members.

Voters approved an ordinance that will no longer allow smoking in public facilities. Some local restaurant owners feel the new rule will disrupt business. But Sixth Ward Councilmember Richard Draper says there are many other types of establishments that will benefit from the ban.

“So you have a 90 year-old person there that’s in a nursing home that has emphysema. May or may not be allergic to cigarette smoke, but certainly can’t get up out of bed and ambulate away they don’t really have any choice where they’re going to live,” Draper said.

The law was finally passed after several previous attempts were voted down in Hannibal. Draper, who also serves as the Medical Director of the Hannibal Regional Medical group, calls the 56 percent approval at the polls a great success for the city.