Incumbent Michael Trapp Wins Ward Two City Council Seat

Apr 4, 2018

Michael Trapp was elected to his third term as Second Ward City Councilmember on Tuesday night. His family, friends and supporters watched the results come in live at The Roof on Broadway.

When it was clear who won, the crowd cheered and Trapp began his speech.

“Last time I won by 800 votes, and Paul got 750. This time we pulled 1,200, added new second ward voters and expanded the electorate.” Trapp said.

Trapp said the race took an emotional toll on him. His challenger, Paul Love, openly attacked his policies and character.

“You realize the value of family when you’re going through some stuff, and campaigns are going through some stuff.” Trapp said.

Lisa Groshong was Trapp’s treasurer during his first two campaigns. For round three she went as his close friend.

“It’s inspiring to see Mike really take the high road and really stay focused on his strengths and his vision for Columbia,” Groshong said.

He said he wants to continue the efforts he’s had in place from his previous term.

“Policy wise, certainly moving forward with the community engagement process about community policing that continues to be an issue. I think also just restoring public trust.” Trapp said.

Trapp said his next step as councilmember will be to get lots of rest and spend time with his family.

Paul Love felt disappointed after he knew he had lost to Trapp.

“It really does it comes down to the choice of the city, the city obviously isn’t interested in public safety at this point. I feel that to be unfortunate. There was honestly homicide investigation going on north of here just a mile or two, there has been something happen just in the last half hour, so that’s where we’re at.”

Love hasn’t decided whether he will run again in the next election, but he expressed thanks to all his supporters.

“Thank you so much for those of you who support me. I’m sorry it didn’t work out that way, but that’s the way where the political system works.”