Jefferson City Council Approves Fiscal Year 2016 Budget

Sep 9, 2015

Credit / Missouri Department of Tourism

For most of its meeting Tuesday night, the Jefferson City Council easily passed bills. But when it came to the fiscal year budget, the conversation lasted a little bit longer before finally approving the city’s 2016 fiscal year budget.

The main interest point of the fiscal year budget was a tax increase. There was debate over a proposal to increase the gross receipts utility tax to help pay for maintenance and replacement of city vehicles.

Fourth Ward Council member Carlos Graham was against raising the tax.

“I have had constituents call me complaining about the possible raise of taxes from 5.65 percent to 6 percent. For me, it’s all about timing and this is not the right time to increase any type of tax,” said Graham.  

Jefferson City resident Wayne Lee believed that a little tax raise could help the community.

“People are so afraid of taxation but without taxes, we are going to continue being a dead city,” Lee said.

Like Lee, the majority of the council members were on board for the tax plan and the fiscal budget as a whole.

Despite his efforts, Graham and another council member were beat out by the rest of their counterparts in an 8-2 vote to approve the fiscal year budget.