Jefferson City officials continue budget-shortfall discussions

Mar 14, 2013

Credit KBIA

Following recent discussions on budget shortfalls in Jefferson City and the resignation of two city employees, officials there say they have a plan that avoids layoffs of city staff.

The Jefferson City council held a special meeting this morning to discuss recent budget cuts and morale in regards to the city’s $1.6 million budget shortfall. Since original budget discussion on Monday, the city has cut an additional 172 thousand dollars from the deficit without resorting to layoffs or furloughs. City administrator Nathan Nickolaus says cuts in street materials and maintenance will make up some of the shortfall. Mayor Eric Struemph says the city will still have the same services and programs accomplished with fewer staff members.

“It’s everywhere in business now. We’re having to do more with less,” Struemph said.

Nickolaus says that after the city council meeting Monday, employees were anxious at the mention of layoffs. With reassurances from the council, he says today’s discussion changed that.

It does a lot though for the council to stand up and say we value the employees. We are a service organization and employees are what we have. We don’t make anything. What we do is provide services and so it’s so important that we have quality employees and that their morale is high. I think we made some steps towards that today,” Nickolaus said.

Struemph says projected revenues for this year have not come in as expected, contributing to the shortfall.  He says he is confident further budget modifications will be approved at the March 18th city council meeting.

You can view the document with the proposed cuts used in Thursday's meeting here. (.pdf)