Jefferson City Public Works Director, Communications Director step down

Mar 12, 2013

The Jefferson City Public Works Director and Communications Director both announced their resignations today. The Jefferson City News Tribune reports the city is facing a $1.68 million budget shortfall. Public Works Director Roger Schwartze cited that reason for his resignation.

“Well the city’s in a severe budget crisis and it’s going to require some drastic steps to stay within budget and we’ve proposed a number of cuts but there are more cuts that still need to be made so it’s going to be difficult to do that without avoiding layoffs or furloughs so I’ve started with myself," Schwartze said.

Schwartze does say though, that the city will likely need to have someone step in as an interim director to fill his spot after he officially resigns April 1st.

“The city’s been a great place for me to work with and I’ve certainly enjoyed it here. I’m just trying to help out to avoid someone else being laid off,” Schwartze said.

Meantime, Communications Director Michelle Gleba could not be reached for comment about her resignation. According to the press release announcing both of the resignations, Gleba’s position was created in 2010. Schwatrze says he wasn’t aware of Gleba’s  March 26th resignation until he saw the press release.