Kansas City Voters to Weigh Minimum Wage Hike Tuesday

Aug 7, 2017

Credit KBIA file photo

Voters in Kansas City, Missouri, will on Tuesday consider raising the city's minimum wage well above the state minimum, even though a new Missouri law forbids cities from making their own rules on the issue.

The measure is among several in local elections across Missouri.

The Kansas City proposal would create a minimum wage of $10 per hour on Aug. 24 and increase it annually starting Sept. 1, 2019, eventually reaching $15 per hour in 2022.

But if it passes, what happens next isn't clear because Missouri's Republican-led Legislature in May passed a measure barring local government from enacting minimum wages different from the state. The law, effective Aug. 28, forced St. Louis to stop requiring a $10 minimum wage and revert to the state minimum of $7.70 per hour.