Kochs Launch More Ads Against Missouri's McCaskill

Mar 14, 2018

Credit studio08denver / flickr

Americans For Prosperity is running another round of ads attacking Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri for not supporting the Republican tax overhaul.

A spokesman said the Koch-brothers backed group will run nearly $2 million in television and digital ads for three weeks, starting Thursday. The ads criticize McCaskill over her comment that the tax overhaul will only mean "scraps" for Missourians.

The ads come as President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Missouri Wednesday to tout the tax overhaul and campaign for U.S. Senate challenger Josh Hawley. The attorney general is seeking the Republican nomination to face off against McCaskill this fall.

This is the second round of ads by Americans For Prosperity targeting McCaskill and other vulnerable Democratic incumbents up for re-election in states carried by Trump.