Missouri completes disparity study

Oct 28, 2014

Credit stephenconn / Flickr

The Missouri Office of Administration recently completed its 2014 disparity study. The study was conducted by independent contractor Colette Holt and Associates.

“The goal of the study is to determine whether the State of Missouri is fully utilizing minority and women-owned business enterprises in government contracts,” said Ryan Burns, public information officer at the State of Missouri Office of Administration.

After completion of the study, the state put together a committee to review and analyze the results of the finding.

In July 2014 Gov. Nixon signed Executive Order 14-07 to establish the Missouri Disparity Study Oversight Review Committee. The 15-member committee will develop a report upon review of the Missouri Disparity Study and recommend ways to increase minority and women-owned business enterprise participation in state contracts.

This is the first study conducted by the state since 1994. That study was completed in 1996. Doug Nelson, Commissioner of the Office of Administration, says that study was outdated.

"We have not done a study in 20 years," Nelson said. "The courts that look at having these types of programs generally require refreshment of the need for the program about every 5 years so we obviously were operating with a dated system."

The committee will analyze and review the study for the remainder of the year to decide if Missouri has met its goals. They will then offer recommendations on how diversity efforts can increase within state government. Nelson says some of the changes can be made directly from his office.

The findings are due to Governor Nixon by December 31.