Missouri Giving away Historic Bridge

Nov 4, 2015

Credit File photo / MoDot

The Missouri Department of Transportation is offering to hand over a historic bridge for free.

Shannon County Northern Commissioner Dale Counts says MoDOT offered the Sinking Creek Bridge on Highway 19 to the county where it's located, but the county declined.

He says MoDOT closed the bridge, which was found in need of replacement, and built a temporary bridge next to it for public use.

The West Plains Daily Quill reports (http://bit.ly/1Mhnf1B ) the state is offering the bridge to anyone who wants it. The 338-foot long concrete arch bridge was built in 1925 and has three 80-foot arch spans.

MoDOT says the historic bridge is available free for relocation and reuse. Anyone interested must submit a proposal by Dec. 15 to the Missouri Department of Transportation Historic Preservation Section.