Mo. agency to hold meetings on deer disease

Aug 3, 2012

Officials have scheduled a series of open houses in north-central Missouri to discuss a disease that's fatal to deer.

The Missouri Department of Conservation will hold six public meetings this month in towns near areas where chronic wasting disease has been found. The events will include presentations on the disease and actions that have been taken to prevent its spread.

The first cases of chronic wasting disease were found in 2010 in captive deer at private hunting preserves in Linn and Macon counties. The department has also found five cases in free-ranging deer around the Macon County preserve.

The open houses are scheduled Aug. 18 in Macon; Aug. 20 in Brookfield; Aug. 21 in Moberly; Aug. 23 in Kirksville; Aug. 28 in Salisbury; and Aug. 29 in Milan.