Mo. House passes another gun rights bill

Apr 30, 2013

The Missouri House has passed yet another bill that would expand the rights of gun owners and reduce the role of the state Department of Revenue.

The new bill reduces the presence of the state Department of Revenue pertaining to conceal carry applications.
Credit ~Steve Z~ / flickr

The bill’s main purpose is to move the entire conceal carry application process from the revenue department to county sheriffs’ offices.  But it would also allow K-through-12 schools to appoint armed protection officers.  That provision sparked a sharp disagreement between Democrat Stacey Newman of St. Louis County and Republican Wanda Brown of Barton County:

“The presence of a handgun around children increases the chances of someone getting hurt or dead." said Newman

Brown responded during debate on the floor, "People like you have fought for years to make those gun-free school zones, so if you want to talk about shameful, maybe you should look in the mirror!”

The bill now goes to the Missouri Senate.