More than 200,000 deer killed during Missouri firearms season

Nov 21, 2012

Missouri's Department of Conservation says hunters took nearly 205,000 deer during November's 11-day firearms season. That's the highest number in four years and 7.7 percent higher than last year.

Wednesday's report says the figures bear out earlier predictions for a big hunt in southern Missouri. Scientists had said a poor acorn crop was forcing deer to concentrate in places where acorns were plentiful. Eight of the 10 highest-performing counties were south of the Missouri River, led by Howell County with 4,037 deer bagged. Texas and Benton counties were next.

Firearms season began Nov. 10 and ended Tuesday. The department says does accounted for roughly 44 percent all deer bagged. The number of antlered bucks taken was up by more than 6 percent.