MU designated driver program faces budget cuts

Mar 25, 2013

The STRIPES program designed to provide a safe ride for MU students on weekends is facing a potential budget cut. According to the Missouri Student Association, the program is set to receive about $10,000 less than what it expected. Because of the cuts in allocation, the STRIPES program is now responsible for its own funding. MSA Director of Student Communications Jimmy Hibsch says that if the budget is cut, STRIPES will have to look for other ways to fundraise, but believes they will not have any trouble in doing so.

“STRIPES is one of the best programs we have here on campus, so I really believe that’s something that people will kind of latch on to and really be able to help with the fundraising efforts,” Hibsch says. “It’s such a great initiative, that I really do not think this will be a problem in the long run.”

The STRIPES main fundraising event will take place on April 13. STRIPES spokesperson Melanie Mazuc says STRIPES is also looking for short-term ways to fundraise in order to make up for the money that they did not receive from MSA.

The MSA full Senate will meet on April 3 to vote on the budget. Both Mazuc and Hibsch say they hope to keep STRIPES running now and for future semesters.