MU Dorm Rental Program 'Nearly Sold Out' Home Football Season

Nov 14, 2017

The University of Missouri football team played its final home game of the year on Saturday, which also marks the end of a football season dorm rental program.

The goal of the new program was to help counteract financial problems linked with lower enrollment. Visitors for home football games were able to rent a two-room, four-bed suite for $120 a night.

MU representative Liz McCune says the program proved successful with visiting fans.

“We were sold out – nearly sold out – for every game this season. I believe it was just six rooms that we had cancellations on that we weren’t able to fill before a game. So we were essentially at capacity for every game this season,” she said.

McCune says the University will decide whether or not to bring the program back toward the end of the school year.