MU Law School Program Offering Free Estate Planning

Oct 5, 2017

The University of Missouri School of Law will partner with the MU Family Impact Center to provide free estate planning service this fall.

The Mizzou Law Pro Bono Estate Planning Program will now accept applicants from Boone County and the surrounding areas for the program.

Current law students, with the supervision of law professor Cynthia Barchet, will prepare wills.

The wills students will prepare are generally uncomplicated said Jennifer Clark, the director of public interest programs at the MU School of Law. The program this fall is putting an emphasis on clients who have children who are minors and would like to appoint a guardian, Clark said

Clark said she thinks estate planning like this may be something a lot of people put off until it’s too late. “If they die without a will, then there are some statutes that will be put in place,” Clark said. “But, having a will allows people to make some of those choices themselves that might be different than what the default statute would allow for.”

This is also an opportunity for law students to get practical experience and to give back to the community, Clark said.

The program has limited space. The last time the program was offered, it was able to help 20 clients, Clark said.

Residents interested in the program can call Jennifer Clark at the MU School of Law to put in an application.