MU Police Investigating Potential Misappropriation of Funds by Former Staffer

Jul 26, 2017

COLUMBIA — MU handed a case of potential misappropriation of funds by a former staff member over to the MU Police Department, according to an email sent to MU students, faculty and staff.

The email was sent Tuesday afternoon by Chancellor-designate Alexander Cartwright and Provost Garnett Stokes, who is acting as interim chancellor until Aug. 1.

The case involves suspected misappropriation of funds from student organizations affiliated with Greek Life. They are external accounts, not university accounts, according to the email.  

MU officials did not disclose the amount of money or identify the accounts involved.

Information about the former staff member also was not provided Tuesday evening, MU spokeswoman Liz McCune said.

Stokes and Cartwright announced that MU will now require employees with authority to spend money from such accounts to obtain approval for all expenditures from their supervisor and the vice chancellor for student affairs. Policies and practices for managing external accounts are also being reviewed, according to the email.

MU is cooperating with the police and considers the misuse of funds very serious. If it is determined that a crime occurred, MU will push for full prosecution, according to the email.   

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