MU Searching for Vice Chancellor of Civil Rights, Title XI and ADA

Oct 18, 2017

The University of Missouri has created a committee tasked with finding someone to fill the role of Assistant Vice Chancellor for Civil Rights, Title IX and ADA.

The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Civil Rights, Title IX and ADA will be responsible for things like ensuring compliance with all Title IX laws and providing training for the MU community.

On Wednesday, the university held a town hall for members of the university community to provide input on qualities and experience they’d like to see in this new hire.

Bryan Goers is the senior coordinator for the office of student engagement. He says the new assistant vice chancellor needs to able to empathize with different communities. 

“Maybe this is just them being able to demonstrate instances of where they’ve been going into majority populations and have some actual results in terms of what their able to do education wise,” Goers said. “While at the same time having results in making sure marginalized populations feel supported and not alienated.” 

Many different community members spoke at the forum asking for the committee to consider the new hire to be someone who understands different communities, is willing to start new traditions for the university and someone who can acknowledge the biases at MU.

The hiring committee is meeting for the first time today.