MU Students for Life Hold Rally Against Planned Parenthood

Mar 19, 2015

Credit Amanda Byler / KBIA

Mizzou Students for Life, a local chapter of a national anti-abortion organization, gathered in the MU Student Center Wednesday as a part of a national campaign about Planned Parenthood.  

The campaign was developed in 2013. Members passed out fliers and spoke with students about Planned Parenthood and concerns surrounding the organization.

Executive committee member Kristin Wood became involved with the student organization to share information with fellow students about what she sees as a problematic organization.  When she was a sophomore in high school, Wood watched a debate on YouTube and immediately wanted to join the organization.

“I really thought they conducted themselves in a really respectable manner,” Wood said. “So when I came to Mizzou and I saw a poster for their first meeting I thought I obviously had to go. I have to get involved in this. This is something I believe in.”

The student organization was met with some opposition from other Missouri students advocating for a woman’s right to choose. Missouri student Hannah Dismer said a few student organizations found out about the Planned Parenthood Project and decided to work together to represent the other side of the issue.

“I came out to do this today because I am a huge proponent of Planned Parenthood,” Dismer said. “I feel like I need to say something. I feel like we can’t just let this information be spread without representing the other side.”

Both groups were able to engage in an open dialogue about women’s reproductive rights.