New state money means raises, new jobs at Jefferson City public schools

Jun 14, 2012

The Jefferson City Board of Education is reporting a $500,000 increase in state appropriations for the upcoming year’s budget.

An increase in Jefferson City’s public schools’ budget means four new positions and an average 2.9 percent raise for district employees. Jefferson City school board president says the district received $500,000 more in state appropriations for the upcoming school year than it did last fall. Jefferson City school district Chief Financial Officer Jason Hoffman says almost 85 percent of the district’s operating budget is spent on salaries and benefits. Three of the new positions slated will be for elementary school teachers.

“We have very large classes in the K1-2 area and we’re expecting another large kindergarten class. So just making sure we’re able to maintain the small class sizes that we have in the elementary divisions,” Hoffman said.

A fourth position will be a new technology training position in the high schools meant to train teachers on new technology used in the classroom. The Jefferson City Board of Education expects to begin hiring this summer with the new employees starting this fall.