Nixon to raise higher education budget proposal

Oct 22, 2013

Gov. Jay Nixon
Credit File Photo / KBIA

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says next year he will propose a higher education budget that is “substantially” higher than it has been in recent years.  

Nixon made that promise Monday to a group of higher education officials meeting in Jefferson City, though he won’t say yet how high his proposed budget hike will be.  He also suggested that his higher budget proposal could be rendered moot if this year’s failed income tax cut bill is revived next year.

“Today, the misguided economic theories on which House Bill 253 was based are still being touted," Nixon said. "Its supporters remain in the House and Senate, and its financial backers have millions more to spend.”

Nixon also told the audience that he hopes to fully fund the K-12 funding formula before he leaves office in January 2017.