Rival Resumes Campaign after Missouri Auditor's Suicide

Mar 30, 2015

Missouri gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway is resuming her campaign after taking a monthlong break because of the suicide of Republican rival Tom Schweich.


  Hanaway was meeting with supporters Friday in Springfield and plans to speak at several Republican events in southwest Missouri this weekend.

Hanaway says she has directed her campaign consultants and staff not to get involved in any independent committees seeking to influence the governor's race. That comes after Hanaway's consulting firm, Axiom Strategies, was linked to a negative radio ad that ran against Schweich just days before his February 26th suicide.

Hanaway says she was unaware of the ad in advance and didn't approve of it.

At Schweich's funeral, former U.S. Senator John Danforth suggested Schweich had been driven to suicide partly by political bullying.