Rock Bridge Christian Church Votes to Become Sanctuary Church

Sep 19, 2017

Rock Bridge Christian Church
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Rock Bridge Christian Church announced Sunday that it is the second sanctuary church in Columbia. The Universalist Unitarian Church became Columbia’s first sanctuary church in April. Sanctuary churches provide shelter and support for immigrants facing deportation. Rock Bridge Christian Church has been considering becoming a sanctuary church since May of this year.

Rev. Sarah Klaassen, the pastor at Rock Bridge Christian Church, says the congregation wants to stand in solidarity with those affected by immigration policies.

“We are a church that has valued commitment to inclusion and justice as part of our DNA as a congregation every weekend,” Klaassen says.

Universalist Unitarian Church’s Rev. Molly Housh Gordon says the Universalist Unitarian Church is pleased that another church has joined their effort to help the immigrant community.

“We work with them through the Faith Voices Sanctuary Network, which has been a process among people of faith in Columbia to discern how we can bring human dignity back into the equation,” Gordon says.

Rock Bridge Christian Church is working with a sanctuary team and lawyers to figure out what actions to take when immigrants seek sanctuary at their church.