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Thinking Out Loud: Managing Epilepsy with Cannabis

May 3, 2017

Ten years ago Lonnie Kessler started having headaches. A trip to the doctor and subsequent MRI determined that the Moberly resident had a brain tumor. After two surgeries to remove tumors, Kessler was left disabled and suffering from epilepsy. When traditional medicines have failed to ease his pain, Kessler turned to medical marijuana available in Colorado. He advocates now to make cannabis legal in his home state of Missouri.

Lonnie Kessler hugs his wife Kimberly Ruiz during a recent visit to the KBIA studios. On a recent episode of Thinking out Loud Kessler opened up about how medical marijuana has eased the symptoms of his epilepsy.
Credit Aaron Hay / KBIA

This segment originally aired on May 2, 2017.

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