UM System President Choi, MU Chancellor Cartwright Hold Town Hall

Apr 30, 2018

University of Missouri System President Mun Choi and University of Missouri’s Chancellor Alexander Cartwright heard from students, faculty and staff about the challenges of attracting and retaining top-tier professors Monday.

Choi said he believes financial recognition is extremely important for keeping faculty in the system.

“I’ve asked all of the chancellors from the four campuses, as well as the CFO’s to build into their budget this year a 2 percent performance increase pool,” he said.

The administrators also heard from attendees about tuition caps.

Choi said he supports House Bill 2348, which raises the tuition cap at public institutions of higher education in Missouri if the legislature doesn’t appropriate enough funds.

“There’s a false narrative that I believe exists about higher education among the public that the lower the tuition, the more affordable it is,” Choi said. “That’s just not true. It is not true, because you have to ask, who is it affordable for?”

Those opposed to the bill say increased tuition puts the burden on students and increases student debt.

Chancellor Cartwright said guidance for the next fiscal year will be out in the next day or two.