Under the Microscope: October 20, 2011

Hosted by Kyle Deas.

Chronic medical conditions are a huge problem for the homeless, unemployed, or uninsured. In an effort to address this problem, a group of University of Missouri medical students founded MedZou, a student staffed and managed medical clinic that provides free medical care to the uninsured. Though the clinic is a little ad-hoc – it sees patients in a donated meeting area a few nights a month – it provides the students with valuable practice and the patients with potentially life-changing care. KBIA’s Jessica Pupovac has this story.

Each year, the Army Corps of Engineers meets with the governors of the eight Missouri River states to talk about how best to manage the dams and levees in the river system. But this year, they found themselves caught in a disagreement between the upstream states and the downstream states. KBIA’s Thomas Koll reports.

Note: a previous version of this story stated that the meeting area was "rented" by MedZou.  Web version has been changed to reflect that the meeting area is donated 10/21/11.