Use Taxes Fail in Boone County and Columbia

Nov 8, 2017

Credit KBIA file photo

Columbia voters narrowly voted down a measure that would have created a use tax in Columbia that matched the regular city tax rate. With just over 8.400 votes cast for Proposition 1, it failed by a margin of just 132 votes (50.78% no, 49.22% yes).

Proposition U also failed in Boone County. 54.7 percent of voters said no to the measure that would have also created a use tax matching the county tax rate.

Similar measures in Ashland and Harrisburg also failed.

You can find out much more about what the use tax would have been used for in our previous reporting here.

You can see the raw election results here.

Voter turnout was only 11% in Boone County for the election on Tuesday.