Views of the News: Fact errors matter, but so does that hug

Nov 19, 2013

Credit @moon_melanie / twitter

Members of the local, state and national media found themselves embroiled in debate this week about the impartiality of journalists covering Ryan Ferguson's release from prison. 

At the center of the discussion was KPLR-TV anchor/reporter Melanie Moon, who acknowledged via Twitter that she hugged Ferguson and his father, Bill.  She dismissed the ethical implications of the embrace, arguing on Twitter that the story was one of "innocence" and "prosecutorial misconduct." Later, Moon having not read the full 54-page appellate court decision vacating the conviction.  Those tweets have since been deleted.

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New Flint, Mich. councilman… a murderer?

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Wantwaz Davis confessed to murder in 1991 and he served 19 years in prison for his crime. Earlier this month, he was elected to the Flint, Mich. city council, beating his opponent by 71 votes. Davis was upfront with voters about his past, but it never once appeared in a report on the local television news or in the local paper prior to the election.  Did the local media fail the electorate?

Huffington Post: “Flint, Michigan City, elects 2 felons to city council, including a convicted murderer

Dominic Adams, “Flint voters elect two convicted felons, two others with bankruptcies to city council

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MSNBC suspends Alec Baldwin for two weeks

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The cable news network announced Friday it was suspending Alec Baldwin after using an anti-gay slur directed at a photographer.  "Up Late with Alec Baldwin" was pulled from the Friday night programming line-up on Nov. 15 and Nov. 22.  Baldwin has apologized, buy denies using some of the words he'd accused of saying.

Ellie Hall, Buzzfeed: “Alec Baldwin suspended from MSNBC after anti-LGBT slur

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NFL, MLB join networks in Aereo fight

The National Football League and Major League baseball have gotten into the game, filing legal briefs threatening to remove their broadcasts from over-the-air television if the court rules in favor of Aereo.  The service is currently operating in New York, digital streaming of network television programming using mini-antennae.  Networks have sued, claiming Aereo undermines their ability to charge retransmission fees.

Peter Kafka, All Things D: “NFL, MLB tell Supreme Court: If Aereo wins, we’re bailing on broadcast

Ted Johnson, Variety: “NFL, Major League Baseball warn that Aereo could trigger end of free tv game broadcasts

NFL, MLB Amicus Brief (PDF)

Self-censorship at Bloomberg?

Hong Kong-based reporter Michael Forsythe says he's no longer with Bloomberg News.  Late last week he was suspended after being suspected of leaking details of how the news organization handled controversial stories about China.

Keith Kelly, NY Post: “Bloomberg boots ‘China leak’ scribe

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Edward Wong & Christine Haughney, New York Times: “Bloomberg News suspends reporter whose article on China was not published

Rallying around "Batkid"

Five-year-old cancer patient Miles Scott played the ultimate superhero Friday.  The pint-sized caped crusader made his way throughout San Francisco -- transformed into Gotham -- making the city safe. It was all made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  The local media played its role, too. 


Vivian Ho & Kurtis Alexander, SFGate: “Batkid: Thousands cheer on pint-size superhero

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