Views of the News: Holder's Remorse, Conners & the IRS, Bite-size News, FB Hate, Wolf & the Atheist

May 29, 2013

DOJ Leak Probes: The Fallout

Mike Allen's Playbook, Politico: "Holder to Meet with Bureau Chiefs"

Dylan Byers, Politico: "Eric Holder's 'remorse'"

Daniel Klaidman, The Daily Beast: "Holder's Regrets and Repairs"

Peter Scheer, Huffington Post: "Leak Investigation of Fox News' James Rosen Crosses Red Line by Seizing Contents of Emails, not Just Data"

Walter Pincus, The Washington Post: "Circling the media wagons"

Larry Conners and the IRS

Joe Holleman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Fired KMOV anchor Larry Conners defends Facebook comments about IRS"

Merrill Knox, TVSpy: "Fired Anchor Larry Conners Explores Legal Action Against KMOV"

Bite-Size News Players

Mathew Ingram, PaidContent: "Circa hires Anthony De Rosa away from Thompson Reuters to expand its editorial ambitions"

Rachel McAthy, "FT launches live stream of 'market moving news' with fastFT"

Curbing Hate Speech Online?

Tanzina Vega, The New York Times: "Facebook Says It Failed to Bar Posts With Hate Speech"

Jim Romenesko, "Winnipeg Free Press: Only Subscribers Allowed to Post Comments Starting Next Week"

Wolf and the Atheist Mom

Alexandra Petri, The Washington Post: "Wolf Blitzer's awkward atheist encounter"

Cavan Sieczkowski, Huffington Post: "Glenn Beck: Wolf Blitzer'sĀ Atheist Interview Was a Setup"