Views of the News: Manning verdict, Big ad merger, Dumping Rush, Simon tweets mom's passing

Jul 30, 2013

The Bradley Manning Verdict

Ed Pilkington, The Guardian: "Bradley Manning cleared of 'aiding the enemy' but guilty of most other charges"

Medina Roshan, Reuters: "Bradley Manning verdict: Judge finds soldier in WikiLeaks case not guilty of aiding the enemy"

Mark Sherman, AP: "US pursuit of leakers aided by Manning verdict"

Merger to Create World's Biggest Ad Agency

Tanzina Vega, The New York Times: "Two Ad Giants Chasing Google in Merger Deal"

Judann Pollack, Ad Age: "What Clients Think About Publicis-Omnicom Megamerger"

Om Malik, Gigaom: "Why the mega merger of advertising giants Omnicom & Publicis impacts tech business"

Peter Kafka, AllThingsD: "The Real Story Behind Publicis + Omnicom Has Nothing to Do With Tech"

Jack Marshall, Digiday: "5 Big Misconceptions About Publicis Omnicom"

Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, Online Video Insider: "Publicis, Omnicom Merger is Recipe For Disaster"

Dumping Rush & Hannity: Well, Maybe

David Hinckley, New York Daily News: "Rush Limbaugh rushing out of Cumulus Media to WOR, with Sean Hannity in tow"

Angelo Carusone, Media Matters: "Report: Cumulus Plans To Drop Rush Limbaugh From 40 Stations"

Dylan Byers, Politico: "Limbaugh: Don't worry about Cumulus"

Diversity Numbers Barely Budge

Bob Papper, RTDNA: "Little change for women, minorities in TV/radio"

Simon's Bedside Tweets

Mathew Ingram, Gigaom: "NPR host's live-tweeting of his mother's last moments shows the power of 140 characters"

Monica Hess, The Washington Post: "NPR's Scott Simon takes Twitter to a new frontier: His mother's hospital bed"

Follow Scott Simon's Twitter account

Scott Simon, NPR: "A Son, His Mom and a Story About a Dog"