Views of the News: Photogs Fired, Storm Chasers Die, Goodbye Lee & Charles

Jun 4, 2013

Sun-TImesĀ Fires Photographers

Credit Chicago Newspaper Guild

Carla K. Johnson, AP: "Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Photography Staff"

Robert Feder blog: "Memo to Sun-Times Editorial Staff from Managing Editor Craig Newman"

Rob Hart's Tumbler: "Laid off from the Sun-Times"

Alex Garcia, Chicago Tribune: "The Idiocacy of Eliminating a Photo Staff"

Mathew Ingram, paidContent: "The painful realities behind the demise of the Chicago Sun-Times photo desk"

Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine: "To the dauntless lensmen"

Storm Chasers Die in Oklahoma

Michael Schwirtz, The New York Times: "Chasing the Storm, but Hoping Not to Catch It"

Gregg Zoroya, USA TODAY: "Storm chasers' deaths raise questions about practice"

Thwarting Transparency with Secret Emails

Jack Gillum, AP: "Top Political Appointees Use Secret Email Accounts"