Views Preview: George Will says rape victims have 'coveted status'

Jun 10, 2014

George Will
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In a column published in the Friday, June 6 editions of the Washington Post, George F. Will wrote about what he considers a spread of progressivism at American colleges and universities. 

He drew the ire of many when he wrote of what he calls the "supposed campus epidemic of rape, a.k.a. sexual assault."  He attributes the number of reported to increased political correctness on campuses, and that when "making victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate."

George Will, Washington Post: “Colleges become the victims of progressivism

Jack Mirkinson, Huffington Post: “George Will says being a rape victim is a ‘coveted status’ in college

Charles P. Pierce, Esquire: “The bowtied monster

Sophia Tesfaye, Media Matters: “Washington Post’s George Will: Sexual assault victim is now a ‘coveted status’

Caitlin MacNeal, Talking Points Memo: “George Will: Focus on rape has made ‘victimhood a coveted status’

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Pulling Techweek sponsorship

Crain's Chicago Business has cut ties with Techweek Chicago after the organization sent out an invitation to a charity event showing scantily-clad women in provocative poses. 

Jim Romenesko, “Crain’s Chicago Business drops Techweek sponsorship over ‘sexist’ invitation

Scott Smith, Crain’s Chicago Business: “In wake of Techweek sexism, Chicago must speak up

John Pletz, Crain’s Chicago Business: “As Techweek’s sexist party invite shames Chicago conference

Elise Hu, NPR: “Chicago conference is the latest in tech sexism hall of shame

Chicago Tribune, Amina Elahi: “Tech leaders strike back over Techweek Chicago images of women

Techweek: “A note to our community

'Spent': American Express' docu-ad

It looks and feels like a traditional documentary film, but Tyler Perry's new project was commissioned and completely paid for by American Express.  Spent: Looking for Change is now available for private screenings, on YouTube and  Is this brilliant marketing or manipulating the audience?

Stuart Elliott, New York Times: “A ‘docu-ad’ looks at hardship of those without bank access

Noam Cohen, New York Times: “Chipotle blurs lines with satirical series about industrial farming

11 top PR firms vow to stop editing clients' Wikipedia entries

Eleven of the top public relations firms have reached an agreement with the community of editors at Wikipedia to stop making changes to entries designed to improve the images of their clients.

Michael Sebastian, AdAge: “Top PR firms promise they won’t edit clients’ Wikipedia entries on the sly

Victor Luckerson, Time: “PR firms vow they won’t try to game Wikipedia

Kevin McCauley, O’Dwyers: “PR, Wikipedia hash things out

Credit Courtesy CBS News

According to the Associated Press, CBS News' Lara Logan is back at work at 60 Minutes more that six months after being ordered to take a leave of absence for her role in a discredited story on the 2012 raid of the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, Libya.

A company spokeswoman tells AP Logan has returned, but offered no details on when that happened or what type of stories she's currently working on.

David Bauder, Associated Press: “CBS News’ Lara Logan back at work

Marisa Guthrie, The Hollywood Reporter: "Lara Logan back at work on '60 Minutes'"

Meredith Blake, Los Angeles Times: "Lara Logan returns to work at '60 Minutes' after leave of absence"

Time Inc. spins off from Time Warner

The publisher of the iconic magazines such as People, Sports Illustrated, FORTUNE and Real Simple has spun off from parent company Time Warner.

Reuters: “As challenges for magazines persist, Time Inc. begins anew

Edmund Lee, Bloomberg: “Time Inc.’s solo debut raises pressure to move to digital

Katerina Eva Matsa, Pew Research Center: “Time Inc. spinoff reflects a troubled magazine business

David Carr & Ravi Somaiya, New York Times: “Time Inc. to set a lonely course after spinoff

Time Warner now interested in Vice Media

Britain's Sky News is reporting that Time Warner is now interested in acquiring Vice Media for $2.2 billion.  Time Warner owns HBO, the pay-channel that currently airs the weekly Vice news magazine program.

Mike Kleinman, Sky News: “Time Warner in talks about $2.2B Vice deal

Ravi Somaiya, New York Times: “Time Warner said to seek a big stake in Vice Media

Transparency in USA Today College reporting

College Factual crunched the data used to rank more than 150 colleges and universities offering journalism degrees.

Madison Mills, USA Today: “The top 10 journalism colleges and universities in the U.S.

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15 reasons to date a reporter

The folks at the online dating site eHarmony have some advice for people looking for Mr. or Ms. Right -- journalists make great life partners!

They're always on time.  They're good with deadlines. They're great conversationalists. They're up on current events, etc. 

Um... Let's see what our panelists have to say about this one!

eHarmony staff: “15 reasons to date a reporter