Views Update: Chicago Sports Radio Station Criticized For Sexism Hires Female Personality

May 5, 2015

Julie DiCaro
Credit 670 The Score

  Two Chicago sports radio personalities on 670 The Score caught some flak after a Twitter exchange of sexist comments went viral. A few weeks later, the station announced it hired Julie DiCaro to contribute sports blogs for the WSCR-AM and website. 

The Score acknowledged its need for female representation. 

"It also helps to add a much-needed female perspective to a station that has been criticized recently as being too much of a 'boys club.'"

The sports journalism industry is overwhelmingly dominated by white males. Missouri School of Journalism professors Amy Simons, Earnest Perry and Mike McKean discussed the issue of "frat boy culture" in sports radio on a previous edition of Views of the News. 

DiCaro will also join conversations on given sports subjects for the WSCR-AM show.