You've heard of ethanol, but what about enzymes?

Jun 27, 2012

This week on the show: an enzyme factory aims to be a big part of the ethanol industry, and a business incubator in Columbia lands a state tax credit.

Ethanol, of course, doesn’t just flow freely. The fuel’s building blocks have to be unlocked from the source, whether it be corn or some kind of biomass. A new factory in Nebraska is taking on that part of the equation — and may be part of the next BIG advancement in biofuels. Reporting from Nebraska for Harvest Public Media, Grant Gerlock finds potential – and uncertainty – in this investment.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development awarded state tax credit to five small business incubators in the state this week. KBIA’s Anli Xiao reports the Life Science Incubation Center in Columbia was awarded 100 thousand dollars in tax credits.