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Today's guests are MARGARET TOLLERTON from Missouri Cures and JESSICA ELLIS from the Central Missouri Dietetic Association.

GREG JUDY / "Grass Farming" 573-874-1816

GEORGIA MOREHOUSE / 10th Annual Piano Student Showcase   573-442-7069

SUTU FORTE, pianist , with JANE ACCURSO and DIERICK LEONHARD of Ironweed Bluegrass Band (573) 673-8477

NANCY MERTZLUFFT / Labyrinth Energy Center   (573) 777-4377

Today's guests are local folk musicians CATHY BARTON and DAVE PARA.


HENRY ATKINSON / Veteran's Day

Friday November 4
KAREN GRUNDY / Missouri Contemporary Ballet / "Fall Performance"  
EMILY ROLLIE  / Columbia's Independent Actors Theatre

Suzanne Opperman of the Missouri Hepatitis C Alliance.

Wednesday November 2
CINDY MUSTARD, DARLENE JOHNSON and JOLENE SCHULZ / King's Daughter's Holiday Festival.

Tuesday November 1
ANGELA SPECK and ALAN WHITTINGTON / "Asteroids Colliding with Earth"

Friday October 28
KIT SALTER / "The Road in American Life"

Thursday October 27
BECKY MARKT / Youth Community Coalition / "Prescription Drug Take Back"  573-443-2556
DENNIS WRIGHT and CHRIS SHARP / Access Arts  573-875-0275

Wednesday October 26
COLIN SMIALEK / Central Missouri Scale Modelers

Tuesday October 25
KRISTEN FRITSCHIE / Ellis Fischel / "10th Anniversary of Wyatt Guest House"   (573) 884-1825
CARA MCMILLAN / Columbia Senior Center / "Sweet 16 Anniversary Celebration"   573-874-2050

Monday October 24
VERA MASSEY / University Extension

Friday October 21
DAVID NEWMAN / RoseHeart Hypnotherapy Success Centers

Thursday October 20
JEN FLINK / Boone County Historical Society   573-443-8936

Wednesday October 19
MEL ZELENAK / Cruise and Travel Tips

Tuesday October 18
VICTORIA DAY / "Healthy Steps"   573-447-0220
STEVEN SCHLARMAN / "Rock Away Hunger"   314-479-8632

Monday October 17
BABS BLACKMON / Marine Parents
GEORGALU SWOBODA / Big Brothers Big Sisters

Today's guests are GARY WUNDER from the National Federation of the Blind, "Trivia Night"; and MIRIAM CULLIMORE from Touch Point Autism, "Piece by Piece" Conference.

Today's guests are LYNN EATON and NAN LIN from the CMDA, "Nutrition/Cooking Class: Tips for Holiday Meals"; and Hickman High School Students NATALIE HEATH and MYAH McCRARY, "Can Food Drive and Hog Roast".

Today's guests are KELLIE DONAHOE and BRITTANY ARNOLD with MU Student Activities such as Homecoming and the planned GUSTER concert; also, BRYAN GARTON and KRISTEN SMARR with the College of Ag, Food and Natural Resources, "CAFNR Homecoming 100".

Today's guests are SCOTTIE RAWLINGS and NANCY PALMER from the MU Cosmopolitan International Diabetes Center, "Setting the Stage: Diabetes Self Management"; and DEBBIE SORRELL from the Columbia Fire Department.

Today's guests are RON SCHMIDT from the Voluntary Action Center; and LIZ SCHMIDT from the League of Women Voters.