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How A Massive Volunteer Army Is Helping Vaccinate Kansas City Against COVID-19

Sharon White-Lewis says she’s always been the type of person to “run into the fire.” In March of 2020, that meant calling the state board of nursing to ask how she could help. The board directed her to the Medical Reserve Corps of Greater Kansas City . White-Lewis is the dean of nursing at Rasmussen University in Overland Park. The Medical Reserve Corps did need help and quickly promoted her to unit section chief, a volunteer position that oversees volunteer deployment, education, and the...

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Darren Linvill thought he was prepared for 2020 and the firehose of false information that would come flooding down on the United States during an election year when the country was bitterly divided.

Linvill is a researcher at Clemson University in South Carolina and he tracks disinformation networks associated with Russia.

BEIJING, China — China's legislature is debating draft guidelines that would drastically overhaul Hong Kong's electoral system to give Beijing near total control over the region's election outcomes.

While Beijing has not publicized the details of the proposals, it has outlined broad changes that would effectively allow Beijing to vet candidates for Hong Kong's legislative council and pack an election committee which chooses the region's chief executive.

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St. Louis County officials are distributing the COVID-19 vaccine to residents and workers of group homes and independent living facilities.

The county’s Department of Emergency Management and county fire departments are prioritizing facilities that didn’t qualify for the federal vaccination program, County Executive Sam Page said this week.

That program partnered pharmacies with senior facilities and nursing homes to vaccinate residents, but as many as 1,000 residents in area group homes have not been vaccinated, Page said.

The Missouri Department of Conservation is trying to attract more Spanish-speaking visitors to state parks by using social media videos.

“We believe Spanish-speaking Missourians are an underrepresented group at state parks and conservation areas,” said spokesman Dan Zarlenga. “We believe that the outdoors and nature, and fishing, hunting, all those kinds of things have universal appeal. And we want to engage as many people as we can in those types of activities.”

Two weeks after Kansas said it wouldn’t earmark vaccines for meatpacking workers, the state on Thursday promised shots to thousands of people in those slaughterhouse jobs starting this week.

More than 10,000 people work in the plants, which include massive facilities in Dodge City, Garden City and Liberal vital to the economy of southwest Kansas.

By the end of next week, the state expects to get first doses to all the workers who want them.

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Sager | Braudis -- Painting of the Month

Wheel of Fortune: Circleingthesquareingthecirclingthesquaringthe...

Sager | Braudis -- Painting of the Month

ASKIA BILAL -- Wheel of Fortune: Circleingthesquareingthecirclingthesquaringthe...
Artist Askia Bilal describes his artwork as a search for meaning–a tool to make sense of the world. His creative practice is one of layered techniques and layered significance, with abstract and gestural marks arranged to symbolize the artist’s own iconography of literary and philosophical elements. Collaged components conceal and reveal layers beneath, giving this painting a unique physicality and history.

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Afternoon Newscast for March 4, 2021

13 hours ago

Here's a roundup of regional headlines from the KBIA newsroom, including: 

Ameren's nuclear power plant in central Missouri is still not operating, two months after an unplanned shutdown.

Ameren Missouri official Barry Cox said the utility decided to replace a significant component at the plant after a generator issue caused the shutdown Feb. 18. He says the component has to be manufactured, installed and tested before the Callaway Energy Center is brought back on line. The plant experienced three unplanned shutdowns — also known as “scrams” — in the last three quarters of 2020.

Sarah Shahriari

The University of Missouri plans to demolish eight buildings and relocate to museums as part of a plan to reduce space and save money.

The university announced Thursday that the plans have been under discussion for years. Vacating the buildings is expected to take several months, and then demolition will begin. Collections from the museums of Art and Archaeology, and the Museum of Anthropology will be moved back to the main campus from Mizzou North.

Gov. Mike Parson visited a “targeted vaccination site” in St. Louis. The Republican governor on Thursday sounded optimistic about getting shots as soon as possible to all residents.

His visit came as critics in urban areas have complained that rural areas are getting more than their proportional share. Parson met with residents and members of the Missouri National Guard who were giving shots at a vaccination clinic set up at Cambridge Senior Living near downtown.

What happens to our kidneys if we're overweight, obese or morbidly obese? The answer is two-fold, according to DR. SMRITA DORAIRAJAN, nephrology specialist at Truman Veterans' Hospital. Directly-speaking, it means your kidneys have to work "overtime" to clear out the body's toxins; indirectly-speaking, it means your kidneys are on clean-up duty from any number of problems that may occur from having a high BMI. March 4, 2021