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St. Louis and EPA officials say the city’s water treatment system needs to be updated to continue to provide safe drinking water and withstand climate change. Leaders say they’ve identified more than $400 million worth of upgrades, including the removal of lead service lines that deliver water.
  • Don't let those bleeding gums go untreated! To help make that point easy to understand, DRS. PHILIP BATSON and ELIZABETH ABE, Columbia Healthy Smiles, want you to think about your mouth in architectural terms, whereas your gums are the foundation and your teeth are the buildings. "It's all about maintaining a good foundation for those teeth." May 17, 2021
  • Here's a roundup of regional headlines from the KBIA Newsroom, including:Missouri Passes COVID-19 Liability Shield For BusinessesMissouri Lawmakers Back Lawsuits Over Police Budget CutsMissouri Set To Require Online Stores To Collect TaxesMissouri Lawmakers Pass High-Profile Gun Bill On Last Day Of Session
  • Missouri’s Republican-led Legislature has passed a high-profile measure to ban local enforcement of federal gun laws. The GOP-led House voted 111-42 along party lines to pass the bill with just an hour to spare before lawmakers' 6 p.m. Friday deadline. If signed by Republican Gov. Mike Parson, the measure would penalize local police agencies if their officers enforce federal gun laws. Republican backers say they’re motivated by the possibility of new federal gun restrictions under Democratic President Joe Biden and the Democratic-led U.S. House. Missouri Democrats argued the bill is unconstitutional and predicted it would quickly be struck down by the courts.
  • Missouri is set to become the last state to require out-of-state online stores to collect sales taxes on residents' purchases. The GOP-led House on Friday voted 145-6 to send a bill mandating online sales tax collection to the governor. Missouri is the only state with a sales tax that hasn’t approved some kind of requirement that out-of-state online stores collect them on items sold to residents. Buyers currently are still required to pay that tax even if online stores don’t collect it. But many people don’t know that, and it’s challenging to enforce without the help of retailers.
  • Missouri lawmakers have passed legislation taking aim at the defund-the-police movement. A bill given final approval Friday would allow people to sue local governments that cut police budgets by more than 12% compared to other departments over a five-year period. The bill also includes other protections for police, including a ban on probation or parole for people convicted of dangerous crimes against law officers, firefighters or emergency service providers. Another part of the bill would make it a misdemeanor crime to vandalize a public monument. The bill primarily drew support from Republicans. Many Democrats spoke against it.
Sara Olshansky -- An Embrace, Of Sorts

Artist Sara Olshansky was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She graduated from the Hite Art Institute at the University of Louisville in 2018 with a BFA in 2D Studio Art and a BA in Art History. In this drawing, Olshansky explores addition and erasure of imagery on a single picture plane, with interest in how this technique might mirror lived experience, especially with respect to time. By condensing past, present, and future to one, monoscenic picture plane, she makes the components interdependent, emphasizing their relativity. Instead of representing a space, as a drawing traditionally would, this composition conveys interactions and movements over time.