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Provided by Freeman Health System
Jeanee’ Kennedy is the Chief Nursing Officer for Freeman Health Systems in Joplin. For several weeks now, Joplin has had the worst COVID-19 hospitalization rates in the county. In fact, Jeanee’ said their hospital recently had to open a third COVID unit to accommodate all of their patients.She spoke about what she’s seeing in her community and about how this current surge is taking a toll on nurses and other frontline health workers.
Sara Olshansky -- An Embrace, Of Sorts

Artist Sara Olshansky was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She graduated from the Hite Art Institute at the University of Louisville in 2018 with a BFA in 2D Studio Art and a BA in Art History. In this drawing, Olshansky explores addition and erasure of imagery on a single picture plane, with interest in how this technique might mirror lived experience, especially with respect to time. By condensing past, present, and future to one, monoscenic picture plane, she makes the components interdependent, emphasizing their relativity. Instead of representing a space, as a drawing traditionally would, this composition conveys interactions and movements over time.